What to do before getting cash for cars in Ontario

What to do before getting cash for cars in Ontario?

Even if you realize it’s time to sell your scrap car to junkyards, you might not know where to begin. Here’s how to get your car ready for cash for cars.

Remove personal belongings

People usually use cars to commute, transport to and from school, shopping, vacations, trips, and visiting friends and family. They usually keep some personal stuff in their cars like clothes or a pair of shoes for emergency cases, sunglasses, flash memories, perfumes, and sometimes snacks and beverages.

Make sure you take all your personal belongings before selling your car for cash. Especially those small things like flash memories. Go through all the parts like the dashboard, door pockets, trunk, console,  sun visors, even between seatbacks and seat bottom and under the floor mats. Make sure nothing has left



Keep your documents ready

Vehicle ownership is an important document when you want to sell your car, even though you are sending your car to the junkyard to be shredded, you still have to transfer the ownership to the scrap car buyer. Also, keep your car insurance ready to call the provider and cancel your policy. There may be a cancelation fee if you cancel your insurance policy earlier. Last but not least, make sure you have no lien on the car, if you have, you need to pay off the car before sending it to the junkyard.

Be realistic about the offers

Everybody wants to get the most cash for cars, but sometimes people are expecting more than normal, even when they know it’s only a junk car. Keep in mind that your car’s metal determines the value of the car, not your new battery or sound system. In most cases, you can keep those kinds of parts and sell them to the second-hand market and it would only affect the offer a little bit.