My title is issued by a different province than where my vehicle is located.

This is fairly common and is not a problem at all. For example, maybe the title for your car was issued in Alberta or Quebec , but the vehicle is currently located in Ontario. We can still scrap the car, and offer you top cash.

Are you a local company? Do you service my area?

The ScrapMyCarNear.Me headquarters are located in Scarborough, Ontario, we operate all across GTA in cities like Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Nobleton, Scarborough, and so on. When you scrap a car with us you are supporting a small business and contributing to your local economy! It’s a win-win for everyone.

Can you purchase my junk car if I have a lien on my title?

Unfortunately not. At ScrapMyCarNear.Me, we can not purchase vehicles with liens under any circumstance. All liens would need to be satisfied in full prior to the sale.

Are there any hidden fees or charges?

Most definitely not! You will never pay us anything. When you accept an offer for your vehicle, as long as the stated condition is accurate, that is the exact amount you will be paid at the time of pickup, period!

Does ScrapMyCarNear.ME sell cars or parts?

No, ScrapMyCarNear.Me does not sell cars or parts. We do not deal in parts whatsoever. All vehicles end up in possession of either our local buyers or our carriers and we do not hold inventory.

Is vehicle ownership required?

Yes, you will need to have the vehicle ownership. You are actually selling a car to a us; So the ownership is required to transfer the registration to ScrapMyCarNear.Me.

What paperwork do I need to scrap a car?

Just vehicle ownership document. To scrap a car in Ontario, the original vehicle ownership document must be signed and given to the scrap car buyer. The scrap car owner can also ask for a bill of sale to keep the record.

How much do junkyards pay for scrap cars?

n Ontario, you can expect to receive anywhere from $100 to $1,000 for scrapping an old non-running car, but depending on the condition of the car you can get up to 15,000.

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