Can I scrap a car with flat tires?

Can I scrap a car with flat tires?

We understand that by the time that you want to scrap your car, it’s likely broken or has missing parts. We frequently have calls and questions about removing vehicles that lack doors, seats, or batteries. But what about the wheels and tires? Is it feasible to scrap a car that can’t move?

What’s the process of scrap car removal?

To begin, it’s important to understand how the process of removing your car for scrap works. It’s usually a simple process: request a quote from a scrap car buyer, schedule a pick-up, and sign over the vehicle ownership document on the spot. We can give you a fair quote by knowing your location and all you have to do is schedule a pickup time. Your scrap car will be picked up by a pick-up truck, you’ll sign the ownership, and your car will be taken to the nearest scrap yard.

Can I scrap a car with flat tires or without wheels?

When it comes to picking the scrap car up, is it possible to remove it with flat tires, or without wheels? Many scrap car removals will pull or put the junk car onto a flat-bed truck, ideally by using a winch or driving or pushing it onto the flat-bed. This process shouldn’t be a problem as long as your car can move even with flat tires, because the operator is able to load your car.

How about missing wheels?

With missing wheels, scrap car removal gets more complex, and you may find it difficult to arrange a pick-up. If the scrap car is unable to roll, it will need to be lifted with a crane. Since not all scrap car removals have this kind of facility, it may be difficult to find someone willing or able to pick up your car. So make sure that the buyer has the right tools and machinery.

Does it affect the offer I get?

Yes, a car without wheels is likely to get much less money. Generally, cars may be collected without most other parts, but if your car can’t roll, the removal cost increases; thus, the offer you get decreases. Wheels and tires are heavy, and your car’s weight determines its value. As a result, a lighter vehicle results in a lower price.


Scrap My Car Near Me has the right tools and facilities to pick up your car even without wheels.